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          At Norton Hill School we recognise & believe in the important connection between a healthy diet & a child's ability to learn effectively & perform well in all aspects of our school day.

          全程打闲 - 百家乐技巧打法承认,一些学生可能有过敏或需要特殊的饮食,因为这些原因,学生是不允许交换食品。


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          As part of our policy to give pupils a healthy start to the day, we provide a breakfast service, this runs from 8.15am until the first bell rings for school, with fresh fruit, yogurts, juices & milk are always available.

          In line with the Governments 'nutritional standards' no crisps, sugary fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate are sold. Snacks available at this time include, sandwiches, baguettes, rolls & wraps, bacon rolls & savoury pastries. Pasta pots, fresh fruit & yogurts are always available.

          As adequate fluid intake is important to maintain energy & alertness the pupils can choose from various fruit juices, milkshakes, still & sparkling plain or flavoured water with hot drinks being available through vending machines.

          All school lunches are cooked on site by our 餐饮业 Team. W这里 possible, the majority of our food is prepared fresh on the day & from 'scratch'.

          The 餐饮业 Dept source their products from suppliers that have HACCAP or ISOH in place. Fruit, veg, milk, cheese & meat are all sourced from local suppliers.


          Norton Hill School recognise that not taking on board enough fluid can lead to reduced academic performance due to lethargy & poor concentration. Water is freely available via push button taps/water fountains & water jugs at lunch time.

          In line with the new food standards, Norton Hill School only serve chips once a week, oven bake instead of frying & seasoning is only used in the production of food & not on the dining room tables. No chocolate, sweets, crisps or sugary fizzy drinks are sold.

          At Norton Hill, we believe that all packed lunches brought from home & consumed in school (or on school trips) should provide pupils with healthy & nutritious food that is similar to food served within the school which is now regulated by the School Food Trust.


          The school provides facilities for pupils bringing packed lunches & w这里ver possible we endeavour to ensure that packed lunch pupils & school lunch pupils will be able to sit & eat together, with fresh drinking water is readily available to all pupils at lunchtime.


          全程打闲 - 百家乐技巧打法承认,一些学生可能有过敏或需要特殊的饮食,因为这些原因,学生是不允许交换食品。


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